BrainBox Technology

Brainbox Technology is a growing IT company comprised of passionate, dynamic and innovative people for whom the knowledge and the expertise make a difference in Computer Engineering. By adapting our tools to your needs, Brainbox Technology optimizes the profitability of your company by finding with you, the business solutions adapted to your reality and while developing by your side, the systems you really need.

Brainbox Technology’s mission is offering business solutions that are adapted to you in order to maximize your credits and to give an added-value to your company. With the aim of finding innovative and accessible solutions, we have as principles listening and accompaniment of our clients.

Company values:

The company philosophy rests on the following key values:

1. Quality :

When making the development of new systems, a quality software or product will shine by its performance and capacity to deal with problems. Quality must be reflected in the delivered products but also in the relations with our customers. Conscious that perfection is a mythical ideal, excellence is the goal that we fix ourselves when beginning every projects we carry out.

2. Innovation :

To present a different approach in finding solutions, to use new ideas in order to develop computer programs making it possible to answer the emerging problems of our era, such are the challenges that Brainbox Technology raises daily. The evolution speed of our field forces us to innovate in order to remain on top.

3. Training :

By developing new systems, our company will be also confronted with new problems, thus allowing its members to acquire knowledge and to evolve constantly. The Brainbox Technology employees are constantly learning new languages and technologies and their thirst for knowledge is what stimulates them.

4. Flexibility :

Being able to compose with evolving needs and to adapt our products to our customer’s requests or to various environments. To provide adaptive solutions. To be able to make various technologies interact with various fields of expertise while preserving the synergy and the transparency of the solution we propose, here is the policy of our company.