Process Daemon


Process Daemon is a software that allows you to manage which processes are allowed to run on your computer or your server and prevents all those that are not on a list determined by you to execute. The program bears the name of Process Daemon because it runs in background to do its work and it consumes very few system resources. Its operation is very simple and its use quite as easy. Process Daemon can be used in various contexts.


Here are some usage examples of the software:


Parental control system :

Process Daemon can be used as parental control system. The software allows you to prevent certain programs (ie: a game) to run on your computer. The software is easy to use and allows you to define your “white list" of software you wish to authorize thus preventing all those not forming part of this list to function in a few mouse clicks. For example, if you wish that your child rather make only his homeworks on his computer instead of playing games, you can do all this with Process Daemon. You can easily change parameters and the content of your white list. The software is protected by password allowing you to control who can access your list. Thus, only the person knowing the password will be able to modify the list of authorized processes.

Antivirus :

Process Daemon can also be used as an antivirus. Certain viruses being themselves processes, the software will prevent them run on your computer because these viruses are not listed in your authorized processes list.

Server process manager :

Our software constitutes the ideal solution if you want to manage which processes can run on a server. For example, if you do not wish particular software to be executed by users of your server, you only have to install and use Process Daemon.


An easy to use GUI :

Process Daemon is visually very intuitive to use. Here’s what the software looks like:

  1. Processes currently running on the machine;
  2. Allowed processes list management buttons;
  3. Active processes management buttons;
  4. Process Daemon management buttons;
  5. Allowed processes list;
  6. Manual list modification section;


Process Daemon is available in the Download section.

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